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Sicily. Sent to the archives defamation case against two journalists

It was was established by the Court of Patti. For the magistrate, Nuccio Carrara and Giuseppe Lazzaro respected the freedom of the press. The facts date back to 2014

On April 26, 2016 the magistrate of the Court of Patti has sent to the archives a libel case against journalists Nuccio Carrara and Giuseppe Lazzaro, sued in June 2014 by Simona Lenzo, lawyer and widow of journalist William Castro. The reporters had written that the widow was the recipient of a decree of summons by the prosecutor of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, as allegedly responsible for the falsification of the wills of the mother-in-law and her husband.

The newswas given by the website Nebrodi e Dintorni.

According to the judge, we read on the portal that gives the news, “the journalists have given space to the news without exceeding the natural limits of the exercise of reporting, having given regard to the truth of the news, the relevance of the same in the social context and countenance in the forms of expression”.

Lenzo objected to two articles: one published by Carrara on the online newspaper nuovitalia.com; the other written by Lazzaro on glpress and the Gazzetta del Sud. Already on 5 December 2014 the Court of Patti had requested the dismissal of the proceedings against the two journalists, but the widow had opposed the it on 19th of the same month. The trial was postponed to March 3, 2016; on April 26th, the final archiving.


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