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Web. Journalist writes about health, the mayor announces lawsuit

Francesco Mandolini had criticized the inefficiencies related to the Emergency Room of Chiaravalle. The town council of Monte San Vito believed to have been defamed  

On May 19, 2016, Sabrina Sartini, mayor of Monte San Vito (in the province of Ancona) announced on Facebook that the City Council headed by herself has decided to advance a lawsuit against the journalist Francesco Mandolini for an article that he published on his blog on May 17, relative to the emergency room service of the hospital in Chiaravalle (Ancona). According to Sartini, who has specified on Facebook that the administration’s intention is to obtain a compensation for damages, the reporter would have attributed to her doing the closure of hospital services and the failure of the health project known as “Torrette” (“Towers”).

“I do not understand why they feel that I have defamed the reputation of the City. I only limited to reconstruct the facts on a range of events that concern the public health system, without ever naming the mayor”, Mandolini told Ossigeno. Already on May 18th Ms Sartini, in a comment to the article shared on the social networks, gave the journalist 24 hours to rectify and apologize or legal actions would have been taken.

In the article, Mandolini refers to the administration of Monte San Vito but never directly names the administrators and the mayor. In telling that the President of the Marche Region, Ceriscioli, has decided to cancel the planning with the hospital of Torrette, the journalist wrote: “To give him a hand in the choosing there are local branches of political parties and the administration of a municipality near Chiaravalle, Monte San Vito, probably interested in converting the hospital into a nursing home, having in the meantime had to transfer the elderly from their structure (still closed today) to Falconara Marittima.”


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