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Bossetti trial. Death threats to Carmelo Abbate

The reporter is a commentator on the TV show Quarto Grado, who is following the trial for the murder of Yara Gambirasio. ODG Lombardia asks meeting with the prefect

The Panorama reporter and commentator for the TV show Quarto Grado, Carmelo Abbate, on 7 June received death threats on the web after months of insults.

To report the case was the President of the Order of Journalists of Lombardy, Gabriele Dossena, who requested an urgent meeting with the Prefect after recent cases of threats to Lombard journalists.

“There is a stepping up of worrying episodes of intimidation against journalists – Dossena said. Shortly before the election, the mayor of a town of the Milanese hinterlan has submitted a complaint to the prefect asking ‘urgent action’ after the publication of an investigation, signed by Ersilio Mattioni and Sara Riboldi, on the weekly Libera Stampa Altomilanese – of which Mattioni had been editor – which spoke of a real estate scam of 1.1 million euro. Yesterday, however, through social networks and after months of insults via web, death threats were sent to Carmelo Abbate, a journalist from Panorama and commentator of the TV show Quarto Grado, which is following the trial against Massimo Bossetti, accused of the murder of Yara Gambirasio.”

Even the National Order of Journalists has expressed solidarity with Carmelo Abbate.


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