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Defamation. Stop from public notice to law bill which raises prison sentences

The association which brings together the local authorities for the defense of legality seeks clarification on the Lo Moro text so as not to limit freedom of information

After the organizations of journalists, even the Association “Avviso Pubblico” (“Public Notice”), the network for legality which brings together over three hundred municipalities, unions of municipalities, provinces, regions, urged the Senate to make corrections to the Lo Moro bill, under examination by the Senate, which would bring the penalties for the aggravating circumstance of being guilty of libel against local officials, magistrates and other components of a “body politic, administrative or judicial office”, to more than six years in prison than already provided for.

“We hope that every possible fault of interpretation of this law is cleared – on May 27, 2016, Roberto Montà, President of Avviso Pubblico, declared – so as to allow the approval in a short time of a law that is necessary for the protection of local administrators threatened by crime, without limiting in any way the freedom of the press and the right / duty of journalists to inform. They must put in place safeguards both for the right to free expression, as for right to protection of the reputation of the persons, which must reach a necessary balance. Without giving the impression that those in politics are different from other citizens. This would breach Article 3 of the Constitution which wants all citizens equal before the law “.


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