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Destroyed in Palermo the garden of a Mafia reporter

Stones and logs were launched in the home of Dina Lauricella. The journalist: “I do not know if it is connected to my work”. Five months ago they burned her car

In the night between 30 and 31 May 2016, in Mondello (in the province of Palermo), unknown persons threw boulders and logs in the garden of the parents of the journalist Dina Lauricella, devastating it. It happened five months after her car was burned in Rome in the night between 9 and 10 December 2015. Lauricella deals with organized crime and public inquiries.

“I can say that it may be read as an insult- the journalist told Ossigeno – but if this incident is related to my activities, whether it is of a mafia nature, this I can not say. I put everything in the hands of the police. There is nothing specific that refers to my activities.”

On the morning of May 31, 2016, the incident was reported to the police at Mondello. Lauricella received solidarity from the ODG Sicily.

The journalist explains that in the interval between the two events another incident occurred on which she prefers not to disclose details because there is an ongoing investigation: “it is a small episode, of unsolicited advice” its all she says.

Dina Lauricella, who previously worked for RAI and for the TV show the Servizio Pubblico, is the author of the book “Dalla Parte Sbagliata” (“On the Wrong Side”) written together with the attorney Rosalba Di Gregorio, defender of the false repentant Vincenzo Scarantino. The book recounts of the Scarantino case, key figure for misleading the investigation on the massacre in Via D’Amelio, in which the judge Paolo Borsellino died.


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