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Federica Angeli insulted at the end of the Fasciani and Triassi trial

She has been labeled “street corner vendor” following the verdict that brought down the aggravating circumstance of mafia association for the criminal prosecution

Street corner vendor, now write the truth: in such a way one of the defendants acquitted in the appeal trial between the Fasciani and Triassi families, accused of managing through mafia methods the business on Ostia’s littoral coast, would have insulted the reporter of La Repubblica, Federica Angeli, after the reading on June 13, 2016 of the ruling that dropped the aggravating circumstance of mafia association in the criminal prosecution.

The journalist, who has waged a long battle in denouncing through her investigations the criminal activities on the Roman coast, is forced to live under police protection.

Immediate was the intervention of the editorial board and of La Repubblica‘s management, that have expressed solidarity. Support for the reporter also came from the leaders of the National Federation of the Press and the president of the Order of Journalists, Enzo Iacopino, who has expressed solidarity on Twitter.


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