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Messina. Criticizes football club. Reporter insulted on facebook

The journalist Marco Capuano has been defined by the president of the club a “street corner vendor” that harms his city. Solidarity from the provincial section of the USSI

On May 15th, 2016 Natale Stracuzzi, president of Messina Calcio, has published on his Facebook page a picture of an article written by the journalist Marco Capuano for La Gazzetta del Sud, and called the author of the text “a street corner vendor” that damages his city. Capuano in the article criticized the corporate policy of the football club.

The journalist, who received the solidarity from the provincial USSI – Italian Union of the Sports Press -, reported to Ossigeno that the President of Messina is not new to incidents of this kind. “Without thinking about the institutional role he plays – Capuano says – when he doesn’t like a piece he goes on Facebook and fires insults, denigrating our work without any responsibility. We can not tolerate such behavior. ”

The journalist said that the fate of being the target of the President had already fallen to a reporter of the Corriere dello Sport, and to another of a local radio station. Capuano is considering with his lawyer whether to report the facts.


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