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Naples. Bomb explodes in front of journalist’s house

According to Pasquale Napolitano (Retenews24) the episode could be connected to articles on the electoral campaign trail. The Police is investigating

Shortly after midnight on June 3, 2016, unknown assailants detonated a large firecracker at the gate of the house in Camposano (in the province of Naples) of journalist Pasquale Napolitano of Retenews24.

On the spot the police arrived and carried out surveys and collected witnesses. There is now an ongoing investigation, conducted by the Carabinieri of the Nola Command, a township in the province. According to initial assumptions made by the reporter, the story could be connected to articles written on the occasion of the election campaign in Camposano, which will choose its new mayor on Sunday, June 5th.

“I feel quite angry because there are those who think through violence, threats and acts of intimidation, they can prevent me from telling the truth and expose the gray areas. All this will never happen”, Napolitano wrote on Facebook. The reporter received solidarity from the Order and the regional trade union of the Campania region that, in a statement, expressed “strong concern for what happened.”

At the time of the explosion, the journalist was not at home. To warn him was his mother, who was in the house with his aunt. In the articles, to which the intimidation motivation could be tied, Napolitano had told about some suspicious candidates for alleged ties to the organized crime.

The explosion caused some damage to the home gate. Ossigeno had already dealt with Napolitano, recipient along with another colleague of Retenews24 of a lawsuit for defamation advanced by Antonio Polese, the famous boss of the Real Time Ceremonies. In February, the investigating judge of Naples had stopped the proceedings in which even the MP Gennaro Migliore was held liable for defamation, ruling that the right of freedom of the press was respected.


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