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Rome. “Get out”. Journalist of Agorà threatened during live broadcast

Sara Mariani was in Tor Bella Monaca for a report following 29 arrests in a drug bust. Rosy Bindi: its a sign of crime’s pervasive control

The journalist Sara Mariani, correspondent for the RAI 3 TV show Agorà, has been threatened on June 15, 2016 – on live television – while attempting to complete a report from Tor Bella Monaca, a suburb in the outskirts of Rome, where the previous day 29 people had ended in handcuffs as part of a drug bust.

“What are you doing here? You have to go away”, is what can be heard screaming in the video from a voiceover. The reporter, forced to turn off the camera and the microphone, has later told – always connected to the studios – that she was also threatened with death: “Go away or we’ll kill you.”

Mariani immediately went to the Police Station of the area to report the incident.

The case triggered interest and concern in the world of the press and politics. FNSI and UsigRai in a joint statement ask for the “introduction of a law for aggravated harassment in Article 21 of the Constitution; the ODG of Lazio and the editorial director of RAI, Carlo Verdelli, expressed solidarity, as even politicians took a stance.

“The threats to a journalist – the president of the Anti-Mafia Commission said – is a very serious signal that clearly photographs the current situation of an area where the mafia exerts a pervasive control, as we have reported in our recent report on Mafia Capitale.”


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