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Bad News | Friday July 22

Four intimidations against journalists this week in Italy

Four. So many where in Italy within the week 15 – 21 July  2016 the victims of violations of freedom of expression through threats and abuses of Law and judicial proceeding which names Ossigeno added to the Public table of the names of victims that includs journalists, bloggers and operators intimidated.
Since January 1, 2016 Ossigeno has uncovered 145 threats in Italy with 244 journalists involved which names have been includes in the Table.

Stolen goods racket. Pantano acquitted in Calabria after five years
For the Court of Palmi the “crime does not exist”. The journalist risked up to eight years in prison for articles on the dissolution of a town council because of the Mafia


Threats in Italy

Mayor of Torri Benaco (Verona) prevents access to reporter at public event
Emanuele Zanini of L’Arena was not allowed to enter the auditorium, where the presentation of the summer program was taking place. Order of Veneto protests

Sport. As Roma cancels accreditation to two radio reporters
They are Iacopo Sonnino of Radio Radio and Giovanni Parisi of Centro Suono Sport. For the club, agreements were violated. ODG and USSI: it is not fair to take it against the journalist

Defamation and Lawsuit and legal action

Sicily region president receives compensation for 45 thousand euro
The journalists of the weekly Panorama, Antonio Rossitto and Giorgio Mulè, must pay fines of 800 euro and an advance of 45 thousand euro. This was decided by the Court of Milan

Biella judge sends to the archives complaint against two reporters who quoted a facebook post
The judge ruled that Ersilio Mattioni and Lucrezia Cantarello of Libera Stampa Altomilanese did not slander the blogger of the Northern League Ilaria Preti

Caselli withdraws lawsuit against Sgarbi and Sallusti
The indictment for libel of the journalist Alessandro Sallusti, editor of Il Giornale, and of columnist Vittorio Sgarbi, author of an article published on December 6, 2012, was almost certain

Other News

Naples. Asked to send mayor’s complaint against Giletti to the archives
The conductor of the TV show L’Arena (RAI) had defined the city as abandoned and full of waste. For the prosecutor it is a fact. Ready the recourse of the City Council


Italy. Ossigeno’s most dangerous news. June 2016
This monthly review of acts of intimidation in Italy is produced by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Center for Press and Media Freedom of Leipzig (ECPMF), with the support of the European Union

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