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Biella judge sends to the archives complaint against two reporters who quoted a facebook post

The judge ruled that Ersilio Mattioni and Lucrezia Cantarello of Libera Stampa Altomilanese did not slander the blogger of the Northern League Ilaria Preti

The magistrate of the Court of Biella has sent to the archives a libel lawsuit filed by the Northern League bloggers Ilaria Preti against the journalist Ersilio Mattioni and Lucrezia Cantarello at the time respectively chief editor and freelance collaborator of the weekly Libera Stampa Altomilanese, for an article published on 31 January 2014. The text reported the contents of a post published on the Facebook page of Ilaria Preti, in which the same wondered what new political party could arrive after leaving the Northern League. For the Northern League member, the two journalists seriously interpreted the question that she had on the other hand stated ironically.

“This incident – Mattioni told Ossigeno – is only the latest in a long series of teaser incidents made by the politicians we deal with in our articles, seeking thereby to undermine the strength of our already fragile paper making us waste time, money and obstructing the free exercise of our activity”.

The order to send the lawsuit to the archives is dated March 2016 but the news was given only on July 11, after the notification of the judge’s decision to reporters involved.

Ossigeno had already covered news relating to both Ersilio Mattioni and Ilaria Preti. The last case concerning Mattioni goes back to May of 2016, when unknown persons damaged his car on the night between 15 and 16 May. The Observatory had written of Ilaria Preti in January of 2016 when she was attacked by the former president of the Pro Loco of Ossona (in the province of Milan).

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