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Football bets. 7 reporters to trial for defamation

Involved local and national newspapers. The journalists were sued by former sports director of Atalanta Calcio for articles on the investigation “Last Bet”

Seven journalists from national and local newspapers are going to trial, with direct citation, on charges of libel. They have all been sued by former Atalanta Calcio sporting director Carlo Osti, for a series of articles on the investigation “Last Bet” on the soccer betting scandal. The trial against Giuliano Foschini and Marco Mensura (laRepubblica.it), Claudio Malagoli (Gazzettino.it), Francesco Ceniti and Luigi Maria Perna (Gazzetta.it), Lorenzo Pulcioni (Sporterni.it) and Giorgio Barbieri (Latribunaditreviso.it) opened on July 5, 2016 at the Court of Piacenza. The news was given by the website IlPiacenza.it, specifying that at the end of the investigation the prosecutor had asked the magistrate for the archiving of the case.

The facts relate to December 2011. The reported journalists had told of an alleged series of phone calls arrived to Osti when he was the sports director of the Bergamo team.

The trial began with several exceptions from the defense attorneys of the reporters, starting from territorial incompetence, which will be assessed in the court room in September 2016. According to the large group of legals, Piacenza would not be competent bar, and the charges are generic.


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