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He tells of the inefficiencies of a bank in the Cilento. “La Città” cited

The contested article appeared on the local newspaper was signed by Erminio Cioffi. For the credit institution’s lawyer is a “serious damage to the image.” The reporter: I told the facts

On July 15, 2016 the lawyers of the credit institute Banca del Cilento of Sassano (in the province of Salerno) and of Vallo di Diano e della Lucania has sent a warning to the daily La Città, contesting “a serious damage to the image” beacuse of an article published on the same day, both in the online and on the paper editions, concerning the inefficiency procured to clients following the incorporation of the agency of Sassano to that of Vallo della Lucania. The article, written by journalist Erminio Cioffi, explained that the origin of the problems lay in the deactivation of the current account codes.
In the formal notice, the lawyer writes of “misrepresentation”, “inaccuracies” and “lack of verification” and therefore cites the newspaper from “bringing any inaccurate information which might be deemed damaging to the image of the bank, with a reservation to activate judicial proceedings aimed at the determination of the liability and the damages resulting from the publication of the article”.
“The positive aspect that has emerged from this incident is the solidarity I received from colleagues – Cioffi told Ossigeno – As the news of the formal notice spread, the chief editors of three news websites have devoted their editorial in defense of my position, in light of the fact that what was published resulted from facts and not from my assumptions”.
In the text of the article, the journalist stressed that the unification of the branches had, in particular, blasted the customers’ IBAN codes of the Sassano Bank, making it impossible to carry out banking transactions.
In the article, Cioffi also told of the dire situation of the municipality of Sala Consilina (always in the Salerno province), forced to carry out only the ordinary administration precisely because of the inefficiency. Cioffi then also stressed the Bank’s position that reassured customers in solving the problem.
“Both the Municipality and its clients – Cioffi concludes – gave willingness to testify in my favor if the citation should become a lawsuit.”


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