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Indicates trail for arson attacked. Accused of revealing investigative secrecy

It happened in Formia to the journalist Francesco Furlan of the blog H24Notizie. He wrote that the person responsible would be a financial police officer who works in the area

On July 1 2016 the Commissioner of Police of Formia (in the province of Latina) notified the journalist Francesco Furlan, amongst the owners of the blog H24Notizie, of the opening of an inquiry against him following the publication of his article – on June 30 2016 – relative to an attempted arson attack against a wine shop in Formia. The charges against Furlan are disclosure of information covered by investigation secret. The journalist did not want to disclose to the investigators the source of his information.

The article states that, according to preliminary information on the matter, the author of the arson had been “a forty year old financial police officer serving in Formia and who lives in near the shop.” The man was identified thanks to the local surveillance cameras. The journalist never mentions the name of the officer.

The notice of the investigation against him was serviced to Furlan in the Commissariat, where he was specially convened.

It is not the first time that Ossigeno has covered a case about Francesco Furlan: in 2014 he was charged for aggravated defamation by the Mayor of Formia, and then acquitted; in 2015 he was sued for libel and slapped by a local entrepreneur for an article relating to the assignment of a commission for the maintenance of public parks.


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