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Prison for defamation. In Rovigo public prosecutor asks for 6 months for Sallusti

In the court of Rovigo, on June 22, 2016, the public prosecutor David Nalin has asked for six months imprisonment for the journalist Alessandro Sallusti, chief editor of the newspaper Il Giornale, sued for defamation by the entrepreneur Mauro Velocci. The prosecutor has instead asked for the absolution of the presenter Corrado Formigli, La Voce di Rovigo reports. In April 2012, as a guest of the talk show Piazzapulita, Sallusti commented an interview to Velocci with these words: “I believe that worse than Valter Lavitola there is only this fraudster”. Lavitola is the journalist sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, and currently held in jail, for attempted extortion against Silvio Berluconi. Velocci was in Panama with Lavitola while these was absconding. In an earlier hearing, Sallusti justified himself by saying that television times require presenters to reach an extreme synthesis that transcends the responsibility of journalistic information.


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