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Punches and insults against the political reporter of the Gazzetta di Parma

Pierluigi Dallapina was cycling when he was joined by a sympathizer of the Democratic Party. Solidarity from his colleagues and by the provincial party secretary

The journalist Pierluigi Dellapina, political columnist of La Gazzetta di Parma, on the afternoon of Friday, July 1, 2016 was attacked by a supporter of the Democratic Party who, on top of protesting for some articles, insulted him and threatened with phrases like “piece of shit, I’ll make you pay for it”, and punched him. The journalist, who reported the matter to the police, was traveling by bicycle in a central street of the city.

According to the victim’s reconstruction, the man before insulted him, then passed to an assault. “I just barely dodged the first punch in the face – the journalist says – and I tried to get away and call the attention of some shopkeepers, then I asked for the intervention of the 112”. Dallapina was treated in the emergency room. A prognosis for four days has been certified.

Solidarity with the journalist was expressed publicly by colleagues of the Gazzetta, by the Aser (Press Association of Emilia Romagna) that strongly condemned the incident, and by the provincial secretary of the Democratic Party of Parma, Gianpaolo Serpagli. The latter has stated: “The person who hit Dallapina was registered with the Democratic Party of Parma until a few years ago, has never worked with any party initiative and has never played any role in it.” Others pointed out that in 2003 the attacker was a candidate for the office of president of a club of the Democratic Party of Parma.


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