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Sport. Palestrina football president must compensate 2 journalists

Following a court order, after five years, one thousand euro must be paid to Pierluigi Grimaldi and Francesco Currieri so as to extinguish the offense of threats

On June 1, 2016, the Justice of the Peace of the Tivoli Court ruled that Augusto Cristofari, president of the Palestrina Football, will have to compensate with 1,000 euro the journalists Pierluigi Grimaldi and Francesco Currieri for threats he had made against them, in December 2011. At that time the two reporters were corresponding for the Corriere Laziale.

The Condoleo law firm, defenders, explain that this is an extinction of the offense resulting from a conciliating conduct, or to pay a sum established by the judge. The trial began in May 2014.

The news of the attack, which occurred on the 7th December 2011, was published by the Corriere Laziale. The journalists had denounced Cristofari for insults and threats.


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