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Wiretaps. Giacalone acquitted of arbitrary publication of acts

He had written on Alqamah.it of a story that concerned the former senator Nino Papania. The politician had also sued him for libel

The Court of Trapani, on 16 June 2016, acquitted the journalist Rino Giacalone from the charge of publishing acts covered by secrecy. Giacalone had reported, as of 6 August 2013, in a series of articles by Alqamah.it – newspaper of which he is chief editor – excerpts of wiretaps relating to an alleged extortion and threats against the former senator Nino Papania. The judge ruled that “the fact is not prescribed by law as a crime.”

“Never has trust in justice failed, I was convinced that I had held a conduct within the limits of the rules and moral and professional codes, but also took account of the right and duty to inform and to exercise the right to criticize,” the journalist said satisfied.

For the journalist is the second acquittal in a few days: on June 7, always the Court of Trapani, had acquitted him of libel. Giacalone was accused by the widow of the boss Mariano Agate of having insulted the memory of her husband having called him a “great piece of shit.”

THE CASE – Those same wiretaps, published by Giacalone, had ended in another investigation by the Prosecutor of Trapani where Papania was investigated. After the release of the articles, the former senator presented a libel suit against the journalist. The prosecutor of Trapani had sent the lawsuit to the archives, but subscribing Giacalone to the list of those under investigation contesting the arbitrary publication of acts. On May 23, 2014, the magistrate of the Court of Trapani had issued a penal order against Giacalone that, on August 1 of that year, had given notice of opposition against the measure.

On June 16, 2016 the acquittal of the journalist arrived.


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