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Sicily. City council manager of Canicattì insults publisher

Cesare Sciabarrà has been called a “poor man who perhaps suffers from notoriety sickness ” by the official Paolo Adamo. Solidarity from the mayor of the city

A manager of the City of Canicattì, Paolo Adamo, insulted – on Facebook and in some press releases – Cesare Sciabarrà, publisher of the online newspaper Canicattiweb.com, calling him a “youngster and pseudo journalist”, and also a “poor man who perhaps suffers from notoriety sickness.” Adamo – exploiting his role in the town – also suggested to merchants who have chosen that newspaper for publicity, to reconsider. (read more)

The newspaper published by Sciabarrà had dealt – publishing several articles between 13 and 18 July, 2016 – with the “sanitary conditions” in which Canicattì lingers. Articles that had aroused the resentment of Adamo, both on Facebook and through press releases sent to the online newspaper, has offended the publisher and argued that “he disseminates false information for the sole purpose of defaming. I do not know – he then added in the statement – if this Communication will be published as usual or trashed”. (read more)

Sciabarrà published in the newspaper every statement by Adamo. The publisher has received solidarity from the Mayor of Canicattì, Ettore Di Ventura, who distanced himself from the initiative of the municipal manager. (read more)

Other journalists, including, Lelio Castaldo, chief editor of the online magazine, Sicily 24h, and many citizens have lined up alongside Sciabarrà.


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