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Bad News | Thursday September 22

Nineteen intimidations against journalists this week in Italy

Nineteen. So many where in Italy within the week 15 -21 September  2016 the victims of violations of freedom of expression through threats and abuses of Law and judicial proceeding which names Ossigeno added to the Public table of the names of victims that includs journalists, bloggers and operators intimidated.
Since January 1, 2016 Ossigeno has uncovered 176 threats in Italy with 309 journalists involved which names have been includes in the Table.

Ossigeno Half Year Report : 221 threats from January to June

Italy. The most dangerous news by Ossigeno. August 2016
This monthly review of acts of intimidation in Italy is produced by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Center for Press and Media Freedom of Leipzig (ECPMF), with the support of the European Union

Italy. Draft bill on cyberbullying could reduce freedom on internet
Changes made 20 September 2016 by the Chamber of Deputies to the original text could allow censorship and severe abuse

The Ossigeno point of view at the OSCE workshop in Kazakistan
This Alberto Spampinato’s point of view on behalf of “Ossigeno per l’ Informazione” was taken by Peter Cecioni to the OSCE Civil Society Expert Workshop 2016 on Freedom of Expression held in Almaty, Kazakistan, last 12-14 September

Mafia and media. A report from Al Jazeera on threatened in Italy
“Mafia and media. The reporters working a deadly beat. The mafia has changed, but Italian journalists covering organised crime still face threats – of death or lawsuits”

Threats in Italy

Sicily. Burnt the car of antimafia essayist Salvatore Mugno
A law professor and former collaborator of the Giornale di Sicilia and La Sicilia, is the author of several books on organized crime. Solidarity from FNSI, Assostampa and Articolo 21

Naples. Journalist attacked and his camera destroyed
He is Antonio Crispino of The incident occurred on September 9, 2016 in front of a disposal facility for animal waste

Defamation and Lawsuit and legal action

Calabria. Journalist and chief editor deemed not guilty after being sued by magistrate
They are Claudio Cordova and Emanuele Giacoia of the Quotidiano della Calabria. Francesco Mollace had asked 100 thousand euro in damages for an article of 2012

Other News

The mayor of Amatrice against Charlie Hebdo. A blunder
The case of the City of Amatrice, which has sued the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo for the cartoons on the earthquake, deserves some thoughts on the rights of satire and its limits

Postdams. Merkel presents Roberto Saviano with M100 Award
The Chancellor say that the anti-mafia Italian writer is ‘a shining example’ of the courage of journalists and authors

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