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Books. “La Peste” (the plague). No damages to magistrate

Donato Ceglie wanted 250,000 euro from Nello Trocchia and former Senator Tommaso Sodano. The Judge: the claims disputed are true

The former deputy prosecutor of S. Maria Capua Vetere, Donato Ceglie, had initiated a civil libel suit against Nello Trocchia, journalist and collaborator of the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano and Tommaso Sodano, former senator and deputy mayor in the first de Magistris city council, as authors of the book “La Peste” (The Plague), published in 2010 by Rizzoli. The magistrate had asked for 250 thousand euro by way of damages he claims to have suffered because it offended his reputation. Specifically, he challenged the parts where Trocchia and Sodano said that he had dealings with an entrepreneur tied to the Casalesi clan killed in an ambush (Michele Orsi) and would be have been interested in the hiring of someone at the emergency committee (Claudio De Biasio). The ruling stated that the references to these relationships that the magistrate held are true. This was reported by Il Fatto Quotidiano.


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