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Calabria. Unkown persons try to give to the flames reporter’s house

Mario Guido collaborates from Bisignano with the Gazzetta del Sud. Second intimidation in a month and a half. The journalist excludes a link to his activities. Solidarity from the mayor

On August 18, 2016 unknown persons tried to set fire to the home of the journalist Mario Guido, collaborator of the Gazzetta del Sud. A few weeks earlier, on July 8, 2016, his car had been set on fire and destroyed while parked in the backyard.

The incidents occurred in Bisignano, a Calabrian town with ten thousand inhabitants in the province of Cosenza. To give the news of the incident was the website Bisignanoinrete (read more).

Mr Guido has denounced the incidents to the police of Bisignano, who have started the investigation. The town’s mayor has expressed solidarity with the journalist and called for the intervention of the Prefect for the restoration of law in the territory.

The journalist, known in the town for having been a primary school teacher for 38 years, told Ossigeno that he tends to rule out a link between the two incidents and his journalistic activities, as he mostly covers issues of costume and culture and writes objective reports on the local administrative activity.


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