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Camorra. Warning to reporter from Acerra (Naples): “Don’t make us angry”

Be careful what you write about, three men told Nino Pannella. Recently he had covered the revelations of a repentant. FNSI leaders, Order of Journalists and the regional Union of Campania: we will sign his articles

On August 8, 2016, at the entrance of the municipal police command of Acerra (in the province of Naples), three unidentified youths on board of a scooter have ominously warned the journalist Nino Pannella, who writes news stories about events on the Camorra for the newspaper Il Roma and who has recently covered waste disposal and the revelations of an associate of justice on a murder. Ossigeno covered Pannella in 2012, since on the night of August 25, unknown persons tried to set fire to his home with an incendiary “Molotov cocktail” bottle (read more).

“You’re the one who writes in the newspaper?”, one of the three asked him. Then he added: “See what you write about, do not make us angry.” The next day, Pannella has reported the incident to the Acerra Police Commissioner, went public with the fact and has obtained the solidarity of the Order of Journalists of Campania and the unitary union of Journalists of Campania whose leaders have announced that they will add their signatures to the upcoming articles by Nino Pannella.

“Threats, coarse as those who have spoken them, will not put the gag on anyone. Nino, like many other threatened journalists, is not alone – SUGC and ODG write in the press release -. The pieces from Acerra will continue to be published, and from today they will carry the signature of so many other journalists, those of the Secretary-General and the President of the FNSI Raffaele Lorusso and Beppe Giulietti, those of the Secretary of the unitary Syndicate of Journalists of Campania, Claudio Silvestri, the President of the Order of journalists of Campania, Ottavio Lucarelli, as well as that of Sandro Ruotolo, forced to live under guard and always at the forefront of the battles for press freedom, of the national Councillor of the FNSI Gerardo Ausiello and many, many others. We are an army, no one can restrict the right to inform and be informed.”


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