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Como. Crew of Rete 4 attacked, photo reporters pushed away

During the protest of migrants who fail to pass the border with Switzerland and are camped at the train station

In Como, the journalist Simona Peverelli was surrounded, together with her sound engineer and the cameraman who were with her, by a group of people, who have snatched the camera cables and shoved around the two technicians breaking the live broadcast with the central studios of the channel Rete 4 during the TV show Dalla vostra parte (On your side). The news was released on August 24, 2016 with a press release of the Order of Journalists of Lombardy.

The statement reads that “local photojournalists of the newspaper Il Giorno, of La Provincia di Como, the Corriere di Como and other freelance photojournalists were, in some cases, pushed away, while in other cases, they have been prevented them from working”.

The episode in which Simona Peverelli was attacked occurred while, along with the crew, she was documenting the conditions of hundreds of migrants camped in the gardens of the station of the Lombard town, waiting to be welcomed into municipal structures, after the failed attempt to cross the border with Switzerland. It seems that the attackers are “no border” activists protesting against the forced repatriation of migrants to their countries of origin.


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