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Molise. 4 journalists to trial for a press release

Journalists had copied a note for the replica printing of the volume “Il Regno del Molise” (The kingdom of Molise)

The judge for the preliminary hearings of the Court of Campobasso indicted with aggravated libel accusation through the press the former President of the Molise Region, Michele Iorio, and the journalists Mario Sechi and Daniela Lombardi, former editor and columnist of Il Tempo, Angelo Sant’Agostino and Ignazio Annunziata, respectively responsible editor and editor of the free newspaper newspaper La Gazzetta del Molise. The trial will begin on October 7, 2016. The news (read here) was released on July 29, 2016 from isernianews.it site.

The four journalists were sued by Vinicio D’Ambrosio, author of the book Il Regno del Molise (The kingdom of Molise), published in 2010. The charges are of having taken up, in their articles, the content of a press release issued by a former President of the Molise Region, Michele Iorio. In that statement, Iorio said that D’Ambrosio had written that book, very critical towards him, out of spite at the refusal of an accommodation for his children.


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