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Naples. Anonymous phone call laden with threats against reporter Antonio Crispino

“Sucker, piece of s., you will not write anymore for no other newspaper in the world,” a female voice told him. The Police is investigating

On July 29, 2016 the journalist Antonio Crispino, collaborator of Corriere.it, denounced the Police of Frattamaggiore (in the province of Napoli) for having received threats, that same morning, with two anonymous phone calls on his mobile phone. A female voice has insulted and threatened him. You are a “piece of shit” and a “sucker” and “you will never write for any other newspaper in the world,” she told him.

Last March, after a video inquiry on a Shopping Centre in Cardito, near Naples, occupied in protest by employees, Antonio Crispino had received the threatening phone call from an entrepreneur.

Antonio Crispino delivered the audio file with the registration of the second of the two calls to investigators, who are inquiring on the incident. Among the queries, on is to determine whether the threats are related to the most recent journalistic activities of Mr Crispino. The journalist told Ossigeno that, among other things, the recent investigation (read more) that he led for Corriere.it on the exchange vote in Acerra, and for which he is being sued by the mayor of the town in the province of Naples, and the video report (read more) with which he denounced the supply of shoddy meals at the school canteen of Benevento, another case for which the journalist is facing a libel suit, are all being take into account.


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