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Palermo. Journalists threatened of death by a sister of a repentant

“I’ll rip you open”, he shouted to Salvo Palazzolo and Giorgio Ruta who wanted to interview her for La Repubblica. The woman distanced herself from her brother’s decision to cooperate with justice

On September 1, 2016, the journalists Salvo Palazzolo and Giorgio Ruta were threatened with death and attacked by one of the sisters of the collaborator of justice Giuseppe Tantillo, while – for the newspaper La Repubblica – they were trying to interview some traders in Borgo Nuovo (a Palermo neighborhood ) and some members of the Tantillo family after the recent statements of the repentant boss about extortion in the local market. “I’ll rip you open” the woman shouted to Ruta, ordering him to turn off the camera. After a while she then kicked Palazzolo. The sister of the boss has publicly distanced herself from the collaboration with the authorities undertaken by his brother.

“We were attacked because we want to tell the battle between Mafia families for the control of Palermo – Palazzolo told Ossigeno. What happened is a demonstration of how the mafia is firmly rooted in the community”.

The video of the attack was published on the website of La Repubblica. Palazzolo has denounced – but only verbally – the incident to the Police.

Ossigeno already covered cases involving Palazzolo on several occasions. The latest episode dates back to June 2016, when he was insulted on Facebook from Toto Riina’s in-law for having told in an article the bow before the statue of St. John the Evangelist, under the boss’s house during a procession. (read)


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