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Pisa football. Fans attack two television crews

Involved a journalist and a RAI operator and a journalist and an operator of the broadcaster TeleGranducato. Assostampa and Ussi of Tuscany intervene

On August 25, 2016 two television crews, one of RAI and one of TeleGranducato – a Tuscan broadcaster – were shoved and insulted by fans of Pisa Calcio while they were at the training camp of the team, in San Piero a Grado (in the province of Pisa), where there was an ongoing protest demonstration against the president of the football club. The fans did not like the cameras and have pushed the operator of TeleGranducato, Alessandro Fiorentini, and the one contracted to RAI, Ignazio Cardillo. Both had to stop filming. The technicians were forced to move away with the two journalists, Assunta De Salvo for TeleGranducato and Robert Lee for RAI. The latter – in an attempt to calm tempers – has been the target of racial slurs because of his skin color. On-site the police intevened and collected the depositions.

On the matter the editorial board of the TGR Rai of Florence protested denouncing, in a statement, “yet another stop to the right and freedom of information.” Full solidarity for the incident was expressed to journalists and operators by the Tuscan press association and by the Group of Sports Journalists of Tuscany (USSI), who announced the “total adherence to any initiative, also legal ones, that RAI, TeleGranducato and / or interested colleagues want to undertake.” Simultaneously Assostampa and Ussi of Tuscany – the statement concludes – call the Football Federation and the League because they can decide on any further action.


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