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Pistoia. He writes “mayor under investigation” and is raided by the police

Stefano Brogioni of the Nazione is under investigation for disclosure of official documents. Seized computer and phone

FLORENCE, AUGUST 8th – Searches were carried out against Stefano Brogioni, reporter of La Nazione, on the part of the police investigative unit as part of a file opened by the prosecutor in Pistoia following the publication, on the newspaper, of the news of an investigation regarding the mayor Samuele Bertinelli and the members of his council for the recruitment of some managers.

Brogioni, investigated for publication of secret documents aided by persons unknown and arbitrary publication of acts of criminal proceedings, the police, La Nazione writes, seized – on top of printed material – also the computer and the phone. The Editorial Board of the newspaper, expressing “full solidarity” to their colleague, remembers that computer and mobile phone are “essential working tools of every journalist”, and “rejects these acts aimed at limiting the freedom of the press and the exercise of our profession.”

The Toscana Press Association, the Reporters Group and a Trade Union committee expressed solidarity with Stefano Brogioni and have released a statement in which “they call the attention of the government (Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Undersecretary Luca Lotti) so that in our country the confidentiality of journalists is respected and actions be taken so that the freedom of the press is not an empty slogan to use according to convenience, especially when it can be convenient at the international level.” (ANSA)


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