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Postdams. Merkel presents Roberto Saviano with M100 Award

The Chancellor say that the  anti-mafia Italian writer is ‘a shining example’ of the courage of journalists and authors

Potsdam, September 16 – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has presented Italian anti-mafia author and journalist Roberto Saviano with the M100 Media Award, calling him a “shining example” of the courage of journalists and writers.

“You, Mr. Saviano, embody this courage like almost no one else. That is what makes you a shining example. For this, we give you our thanks and respect,” Merkel said during Thursday evening’s ceremony.

The M100 is given annually to “honour personalities who have left their mark on Europe and the world”.

His 2006 book, Gomorra, brought Saviano death threats from the Camorra, the Campania mafia, forcing him to go under state-provided armed protection.

The book was made into an award-winning film and has led to a spin-off hit TV series. (ANSA)


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