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Sabaudia. Damaged car of reporter writing on the illegal labour practices

Contributor to several newspapers and president of the association “In Migrazione”, he deals with labor exploitation. To ascertain the connection with his activities

On August 30, 2016 unknown persons have drilled holes in two wheels of the car of Marco Omizzolo, freelance reporter, that deals with the phenomenon of illegal labour practices, and president of the association “In Migrazione.” The car was parked outside his house in Sabaudia (in the province of Latina). The reporter, who collaborates with several newspapers and is also a university researcher, reported the incident to the police headquarters in Latina on August 31, 2016, ushering the hypothesis that the incident could be linked to his activities. The last article written by Omizzolo on the theme of the exploitation of laborers in the fields was published on August 29, 2016 on the site Possibile.it (read more). He has previously reported incidents of damagea because of his social commitment and his activities.

Ossigeno had already covered cases involving Omizzolo when, as a sports reporter for Il Manifesto, he was insulted, along with his colleague Roberto Lessio, by the fans of the Latina Calcio who in a banner had called the two “f*ing fleas without dignity”. (read more)


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