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Saviano reflects on journalists, judicial reporting and the Camorra

The writer reflects on the relationship between the reporters who deal with organized crime and their sources from actual cases. Here is an excerpt

In the article “Il Carabiniere infedele nel paese che fabbrica i dossier” (The unloyal police officer in the town that produces dossiers), published on August 3, 2016 by the newspaper La Repubblica, of which we propose below an excerpt, Roberto Saviano reflects on “the issue of journalists who cover judicial reporting”. He does so in order to emphasize the importance of the respect of professional ethics for the proper handling of sensitive information that a journalist comes to possess. He, as a journalist, collects information in the public interest and in order to make the information known to the readers / listeners necessary to form an opinion. Quite something else, Saviano recalls, is the activity of those who obtain confidential information to be devoted to other uses, such as the construction of dossiers to blackmail someone.


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