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Sicily. Regional director insults journalist on facebook

Egidio Morici (Tp24.it) has been called an “information bandit” by the Regional MP Lo Sciuto who also announced a lawsuit. UNCI intervenedOn 29 August 2016 the journalist Egidio Morici, a collaborator of the online newspaper Tp24.it, was insulted on Facebook and threatened with lawsuit by Giovanni Lo Sciuto, MP of the region of Sicily with NCD (new centre right) and member of the Regional Anti-Mafia Commission. “Information bandit”, said the politician who defined Morici, on August 22, 2016, after having published an article entitled “Castelvetrano. Giambalvo, new allegations and Ruggiero. That restaurant in Selinunte”. The piece reconstructs the political history of the former city councilor Lillo Giambalvo, known in the news because of some wiretaps from which an alleged relationship with Matteo Messina Denaro would have emerged, explaining how in 2007 he had tried to reach office for the City Hall with the list of the Regional Councillor Lo Sciuto.

In the post published by Lo Sciuto on Facebook, the councillor emphasizes that in 2007 he did not participate “in any way to the Castelvetrano administrative electoral competition. Also – he writes – I must point out that in 2012 I rejected the candidacy of Mr. Giambalvo in the lists of my coalition.” The journalist reported to Ossigeno to consider “a threat the announcement of a lawsuit”.

To Morici was expressed solidarity from the UNCI (National Union of Italian reporters) who writes in a note: “certain offenses, in areas such as Castelvetrano, can have meanings and consequences, even beyond the will of those who have spoken them, well beyond the tight lexical meaning of the spoken words.”


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