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Sport. Perugia football club denies accreditation to two journalists

They are Andrea Sonaglia and Danilo Tedeschini, respectively chief editor and collaborator of Sport Perugia. ODG Umbria, Ussi and regional Assostampa intervene

On 11 May 2016, with a call from the press attache of Perugia Football club, the journalist Andrea Sonaglia, director of Sport Perugia and presenter of the television program Gala Sport, it was announced that the sports club had decided to disable, and not renew, the accreditation for him and his collaborator Danilo Tedeschini. On 15 June 2016, moreover, the director Sonaglia was prevented from interviewing the new coach of the team: Always the press officer (who does not appear in the lists of either professional nor publicist journalists) informed the reporter that neither he nor Tedeschini could participate to the press conferences of the Perugia Club.

“The president of Perugia has never given us motivation, written or verbal, of these measures – Sonaglia told Ossigeno. I have always criticized the Perugia Football and its president, but in a sporty fashion, and I have never been sued nor have I ever received denials for what I have written and said. My lawyer, after searching for the dialogue with the company through the press officer, received a message from the latter confirming the company’s provision that I can enter the stadium only by paying the ticket.”

Solidarity was expressed to the journalists by the Order of Journalists of Umbria, where Sonaglia had filed a complaint on May 18, 2016, by the ASU (Press Association of Umbria) and the Gruppo Umbro USSI (Italian Sports Press Union) that “reserve the right to protect its members in the form and manner required by the rules”. The category associations, in a joint statement, define the event “serious as it violates the freedom of the press of colleagues who tell every day the events of Perugia and which – they add – it should be remembered, has always been, morally, a public good of the Perugia fans and certainly not of the pro tempore presidents”.


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