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Web. Bari. Senator shuns two reporters who write about him

Lello Ciampolillo (M5S) has twisted the names of Francesca Russi (La Repubblica) and Adriana Logroscino (Corriere del Mezzogiorno) and has defined them as “not journalists”. Solidarity from FNSI and Assostampa Puglia

In a video posted on Facebook, on his personal page, the Senator Lello Ciampolillo of the 5 Star Movement, commented with offensive language the articles with which the journalists Francesca Russi of La Repubblica and Adriana Logroscino of the Corriere del Mezzogiorno told of his participation, along with the MP Mr Luigi Maio and militants of the M5S, to a party hosted in a venue in Bari without holding the authorizations. On August 1, 2016, the FNSI and the Associazione Stampa Puglia, in manifesting their solidarity for the two journalists, protested pointing out that the facts are true and were not denied. This was reported by the ANSA news agency.

The trade union associations of journalists have defined the video posted by the Senator as “offensive, gratuitous and violent” and point out that he “does not care to challenge the existence of a fact. He does much more. He claims – from the hights of his misguided institutional function – to give lessons in journalism” and twists the names of the newspapers, which he defines as paper good for the cat litter box, as well as the surnames of the two reporters, who, he said, are “not journalists”.

Since Senator Ciampolillo is registered to the national order of journalists in the list of publicists, the journalists’ union “reserves the right to resort to the discipline council of the Order” and report his behavior.


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