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Alleged meeting Fini-escort: prison requested for two journalists

They are Maurizio Belpietro and Andrea Zambrano. With them, two other defendants. They stand accused of defaming the former House speaker, who asked a damage compensation for one million euro

The Rome Prosecutor has asked for the chief editor of the daily Libero Maurizio Belpietro and for the journalist of the website 4minuti.it , Andrea Zambrano, a sentence of four months’ imprisonment for defaming the former Speaker of the House, Gianfranco Fini. This was reported by the agency omniroma.it. Fini, who was a plaintiff in the trial, asked the defendants damages of one million euro in cash.

The court case originated from a column by Maurizio Belpietro on Libero on 27 December 2010, followed the next day by an article in the newspaper Il Giornale. In fact, three weeks before, the 4minuti.it website had aired an interview in which the escort Lucia Rizzo, aka Rachel, reported to have had paid sex with the politician in Reggio Emilia, on top of having received a promise of receiving some help to find work on TV.

“The offending article – as Belpietro told Ossigeno – dates from 27 December 2010 and follows a visit by Mrs. Rizzo to the offices of Libero, offering a video. In the article I told the incident raising questions on the woman’s credibility.” According to the prosecution’s version, Rizzo and his agent, Federico Vincenzo, built the video interview in which the woman was referring to paid sexual encounters with Fini, who then reported the story. And, in fact, the prison sentence was also requested for Rizzo and Vincenzo Federico. The decision on the proceedings will be taken in October by the single judge of the Court of Rome.

Speaking of the escort, Fini, in March of 2015, during his testimony in court as a person informed of the facts, stated, “I’ve never seen her, never known her, never met her and especially never been in Reggio Emilia in the period in which the woman claims to have met me. Just check at the Interior Ministry and the Prefecture, as the Speaker of the House, every time he goes away, is subject to a number of personal protection and safety measures.”


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