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Aprilia (Latina province). Radio Studio 93 van set on fire

Filed a complaint against unknown persons. Solidarity from the board of the Roman press association and the president of the Anti-Mafia Commission of the Lazio region

In the early afternoon of September 19, 2016 the van of the radio station Radio Studio 93, which is based in Aprilia (in the province of Latina) and in charge of local information for several years, was set on fire.

The incident was reported to the police by the manager and editor of the publishing company, Mario De Vita. “We cover local news, from the waste war to organized crime, but we are not able to link the episode to a specific topic, because we have no other elements,” Raffaella Patricelli, journalist of the broadcaster, told Ossigeno.

On the case, the Roman Press Association intervened stressing in a statement (read more) the importance of creating a solidarity wall around the colleagues of Radio Studio 93 to allow them to continue to make information and not be intimidated, as well as the President of the Special Commission on mafia infiltration and organized crime of the Lazio Region, Baldassarre Favara.

The fire appears to be an arson attack. The flames damaged the right front seat, the dashboard and part of the interior of the van that was parked inside the courtyard of the building where there are the headquarters of the editorial staff of the radio.

It is not the first time that the broadcaster has had to deal with incidents of corruption. Already in August 2016, as stated in the complaint, the van of the editorial staff had been damaged and, even on that occasion, the chief editor had lodged a complaint against unknown persons.


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