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Bad News | Thursday October 3

Four intimidations against journalists this week in Italy

Four. So many where in Italy within the week 22 -29 September  2016 the victims of violations of freedom of expression through threats and abuses of Law and judicial proceeding which names Ossigeno added to the Public table of the names of victims that includs journalists, bloggers and operators intimidated.
Since January 1, 2016 Ossigeno has uncovered 179 threats in Italy with 313 journalists involved which names have been includes in the Table.

Ossigeno Half Year Report : 221 threats from January to June

Italy. The most dangerous news by Ossigeno. August 2016
On 6th and 7th October the 2nd European Media Freedom Conference is taking place in Leipzig at the Leipzig Media Campus Villa Ida

An insight on freedom of the press. The Leipzig ECPMF Conference
Changes made 20 September 2016 by the Chamber of Deputies to the original text could allow censorship and severe abuse

Of politics and intolerance
The facts of Palermo are not an isolated case. The episodes of intolerance against the right/duty to inform are becoming recurrent. The temptations of censorship

Threats in Italy

Salerno. Seized the smartphone of reporter who does not reveal source
Rosaria Federico (Città di Salerno) had been called by the prosecutor as a person informed of the facts after the publication of an article on the murder of the Mayor Vassallo

Sassari. Torres football prevents reporters to follow a match
Denied to a journalist and a photographer of La Nuova Sardegna the entrance to the stadium. Also excluded the envoy of SardegnaSport. Backed down after the mayor’s intervention

Defamation and Lawsuit and legal action

“Clique” and “loan sharhs”: acquitted teh reporters of the Giornale del Cilento
For the Judge for the Preliminary Hearing of Vallo della Lucania Court “the facts do not amount to an offense” because the two terms are “belonging to the common lingo.” The disputed articles date back to 2012

Libel. Striscia la Notizia. Laudadio and Michelle Hunziker acquitted
The Court of Rimini had asked for one year and six months imprisonment for the envoy of Striscia la Notizia and six months for the presenter. Sued by a models talent scout

Other News

Right to criticize. The Echr way ahead of National Courts
Two innovative judgments from the Court of Strasbourg allow take steps forward for the right to criticize. The reputation of a politician gives way to freedom of expression

Mafia. Paolo Borrometi is a witness in the trial against Ventura
On 26 September 2016 the journalist reconstructed the story of the acts of intimidation he received before the alleged perpetrator of the threats. Present in court the FNSI

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