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Bergamo. Matteo Salvini against Tg1: journalists are servants

The Northern League leader has defined in such a way the chroniclers of the public service news cast during the Pontida rally. Targeted by militants also Gad Lerner

The secretary of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini, called “servants” the TG1 journalists during his speech in Pontida (in the province of Bergamo), on September 18, at the party rally. The accusations were dodged by the head of the editorial board who strongly rejected “the false, unacceptable and offensive words.”

“In Italy”, Salvini said as reported by the ANSA news agency, “we have one of the most servile journalists that exist on the face of the earth. But – he added ironically – every people has the reporters that it deserves. The innovation is Santoro on RAI 2. Truth and wisdom are back.” In these weeks there have been repeated attacks by the League’s secretary against the information service of the public television broadcaster on the ways in which RAI addresses the issue of the constitutional referendum.

According to what another agency reports, Askanews, shortly after, League activists booed and insulted the journalist and anchorman Gad Lerner. “You’re a s…, a fool, you are a provocateur, go away,” they shouted at him as he passed. Lerner was then escorted to his car, outside the area reserved for journalists, by the League’s security service.


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