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Calabria. Aggression against Klaus Davi: two notices of conclusion of investigations

The notices came from the Prosecutor of Vibo Valentia. The decisions are relative to an incident from July 2016. The FNSI: ready to be plaintiffs in any trial

The prosecutor of Vibo Valentia sent two notices for the conclusion of the investigation on the attack against the journalist and mass media guru Klaus Davi occurred in July 2016. It was reported by the AdnKronos agency. Davi was interviewing the mother of a collaborator of justice forthe TV show Gli Intoccabili (The Untouchables) aired on LaC channel. Klaus Davi was pulled and hit by two of the woman’s relatives. The journalist had gone to the emergency room of the Calabrian town, where his recovery was estiamted to occur within seven days and then, the same evening, he then went to the police station to report the incident, in which his cameraman was also involved.


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