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Grosseto. Hunters press charges against animal rights activists: the court sends the case to the archives

The activist Giacomo Bottinelli, in a statement, criticized the excessive proliferation of hunting shotguns. For the same reason he had already received complaints from Federcaccia and Arcicaccia

On 8 September 2016 the Court of Grosseto has filed a lawsuit for libel presented in March 2014 by a group of Tuscan hunters against Giacomo Bottinelli, chief editor of the non-profit Anti-Vivisection League (LAV). Bottinelli, on the issue of the slaughter of wolves in the Maremma, had denounced in a statement of 30 December 2013, the excessive and uncontrolled proliferation of hunting shotguns in Tuscany. For the judge, these claims fall within the “right to criticize.” For this same story, the LAV executive had already been sued in December of 2013, from Federcaccia and Arci Caccia, but the Court of Grosseto already in June of 2015 had held that the right to criticize had been exercised. (read more)

“I’m satisfied – Giacomo Bottinelli told Ossigeno – because the two filings allow to enshrine the right to criticize as a fundamental right that must be safeguarded.”

“Every year, only in the Maremma – the LAV executive said in a note of December 2013 – nine thousand hunting licenses are handed out without accurate psychological checks. Not to mention the almost ninety thousand hunters in Tuscany. We are giving deadly weapons in the hands of unbalanced persons without worrying about the consequences. I wonder at this point if there are also risks to people. Indeed, to be honest there already are, as hunting weapons are often the ones with which murders are also committed, especially in those within families, not to mention the so-called hunting accidents.”


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