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Mafia. Senator D’Alì sends warning: Giacalone’s articles away from news stands and the web

The MP called for the withdrawal of the latest issue of the magazine “S” and the deletion of an article from the website Alqamah believing his reputation to be injured by them

Senator Antonio D’Alì, vice president of the parliamentary group of Forza Italia, on October 10, 2016, through his lawyer, has asked the chief editor of the Sicilian paper “S”, Antonio Condorelli, to “remove, immediately, from all forms of distribution, advertising and circulation, also online, no. 94, year 10, of the said periodical magazine ‘S'” which contains an article by journalist Rino Giacalone, which he considered detrimental to his reputation. For the same reason Senator D’Alì has asked the journalist Rino Giacalone to “remove, immediately, from all forms of distribution, advertising and circulation, also online, the article bearing his signature published on October 9, 2016, entitled ‘the boss’s clinic'” and published by the online newspaper Alqamah.it of which Giacalone is the editor in chief.

The “S” magazine had the following headline: “All the secrets of the Sicilian Freemasonry. From Monterosso to hidden lodges, exclusive: the notes of the Grand Master Stefano Bisi. Trapani trembles. The full minutes on the Masonry from the repentant Fondacaro: all about Messina Denaro, Cuffaro, D’Alì, Aielllo, Dina and Andreotti.” The article appeared on October 9, 2016 on the Alqamah website and was entitled “The boss’s clinic. Mafia, health, Freemasonry. Revelations by the repentant of the Ndrangheta Fondacaro on the latest businesses of the mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro”.

The Giacalone articles concerning the interrelation business-politics-Mafia-Freemasonry refer to the statements made to magistrates by the repentant Marcello Fondacaro and produced within the trial for collusion with the Mafia where Senator D’Ali is among those charged. These articles establish that the same D’Alì was acquitted “with a prescription sentence and acquittal”, both in the first degree and on appeal.

REACTIONS – The censorship requests of the vice president of the Group of Forza Italia in the Senate, have sparked immediate and firm protests. Among the first to report the initiative’s seriousness (technically, “act of legal warning and formal notice”) was the vice president of the Anti-Mafia Commission, Claudio Fava: the request to remove from newsstands copies of the magazine “is an act of intimidation. Having given proper notice of a material fact that – the deputy declared – concerns one of the most powerful and opaque politicians of Sicily becomes a serious sin: one to be punished with censorship.” The MP Claudio Fava added that rather what should be taken care of, “even as Anti-Mafia Commission, is the counterinformation of those who stay silent, omit or deny relevant public facts only because of an ancient deference to local notables”.

The Sicilian section of the chroniclers’ Union described as “unacceptable” the request by D’Alì. “Such an act of censorship – the president of Unci Sicily, Andrea Tuttoilmondo, said – does not fit in whith what should be the normal dialectic between information and representatives of the political world.”

Ossigeno per l’Informazione, which has already reported other intimidating actions against the journalist Rino Giacalone, expresses solidarity with Giacalone and with the editorial board of the monthly “S”. “Intolerance for journalism, for the recording of facts – commented Alberto Spampinato, director of Ossigeno – is growing. It’s been known for long but still on the horizon no appropriate action seem to appear for deterring those who manifest this intolerance through intimidating behavior and censors worthy of other kinds of regimes, rather than clarify the facts and provide their version, as it would be reasonable and useful in order to get a correct and complete information. Censorship requests as those invoked against Rino Giacalone and against the media who have published his articles have already been rejected: with the weapons of law and support of civil solidarity”.


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