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Palermo. Death threats to a local tv presenter

Giusy Randazzo and her husband were insulted on Facebook from an account that has proved to be bogus. Reported the incident to the police

Giusy Randazzo, actress and known presenter of television stations broadcasting in Palermo, was the object of telematic stalking reported to the Police on August 10, 2016: an uninterrupted sequence of insults and death threats, not only against her but also against her husband, retired NCO of the Carabinieri.

It all started on August 8 when Randazzo, also in the company of a friend who is a stand-up comedian, organized a live broadcast on Facebook to publicize the show. From that moment she started receivin a series of insults and death threats from a Facebook profile, that of Pamela Regoli, then proved bogus. The account, as evidenced by the complaint, alluded to the participation of Randazzo and her husband to supposed mafia summits and attributed to the consort of the presenter responsibilities for the deaths of judges Falcone and Borsellino. At Randazzo’s request, the Pamela Regoli account has been blocked. Subsequently, the unknown author of the threats cloned the Facebook profile of their victim, taking hold of her photos, and using it to write erotic messages on behalf of the same, to send yet more threatening messages, and also to link her images to porn sites.

The police have launched an investigation and forwarded the case to the Prosecutor of Palermo.

“We never received threats in the past, neither I nor my husband, and I really do not understand what could be behind of all this. For us it it comes out of the blue”, Randazzo told Ossigeno. The presenter rules out links between the incident and her television activities, which consists essentially in the conduct of a sports show and a collaboration with Michele Cocuzza, while her main activity is linked to the entertainment agency which produces shows and television productions which she herself founded.


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