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Regional councilor of the 5 Stars movement threatens journalists on facebook

Sets Facebook debate against information operators on fire by defining them “scribblers”. National Order and Roman Press react. Enzo Iacopino will appeal to the Prosecutor

The Regional Councilor of Lazio, Davide Barillari, of the Movimento 5 Stelle, on October 9, 2016, wrote threatening statements on his Facebook profile, later partially retracted, against the category. Journalists are guilty of having neglected news on waste disposal in Rome. And for this reason they are deemed “scribblers that hide the truth,” who “will pay for all this.” And finally, “We do not forget. We do not forgive.” (See post)

According to the councilor, the press would not have given due importance to the news that “Renzi’s PD reopens the cancer of Malagrotta”, the landfill closed three years ago, and the appointment of Daniele Fortini, former number one of AMA (Rome’s public waste disposal company), wanted by Zingaretti. “Of this shame – Barillari says on FB – TV and newspapers do not spend a single word. Still they engaged in shoveling mud on Muraro”, the deputy to environmental policies of the city council under the Mayor Raggi, and now under investigation.

Following the reactions stemming from his sentences, Barillari has corrected his statements, claiming “not to have threatened anyone” but that he “only wanted to highlight – as he wrote on Fb – how the press that has been attacking Ms Muraro for months spends very few words to explain the waste emergency in the Lazio region, a responsibility of the Democratic Party, a behavior that some news outlets will definitely pay with a further decrease in sales, as is clear from the latest report on daily press sales”. (See post)

The representatives of the industry associations had reacted quickly, at the first post by Barillari. The president of the Order of Journalists, Enzo Iacopino, responded with a complaint to the Prosecutor: “Enough threats – he says in a statement -. To feed hatred will cause serious repercussions”. For Lazzaro Pappagallo, secretary of the Roman Press association, Barillari’s words “are reminiscent of the dark years of the Republic.” Pappagallo says that “a rapid press review, of radios and televisions, will show that what the 5 star councilor claims is false. Barillari, because of his political militancy, should know well that Facebook posts are not a private matter, but public communication.”


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