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Salerno. Seized the smartphone of reporter who does not reveal source

Rosaria Federico (Città di Salerno) had been called by the prosecutor as a person informed of the facts after the publication of an article on the murder of the Mayor Vassallo

After refusing to reveal to the judges the source of his information, the journalist Rosaria Federico of La Città di Salerno has been denounced for not obeying orders to show the phone for call traffic control. The device was thus seized. The facts date back to 22 September 2016. The measure was presented at the Pisacane barracks of Salerno. The journalist was conducted in the headquarters of the State Police after being heard by the prosecutor as a person informed of the facts. The summons had followed the publication of an article – on June 29, 2016 – concerning the investigation into the murder of Angelo Vassallo, Mayor of Pollica (in the province of Salerno), assassinated in 2010. The meeting in the barracks was videotaped.

Federico has filed a complaint about what happened to the Superior Council of the Magistracy, the Police, the Prosecutor of Salerno and the Interior Ministry. On the case the Association of Journalists of Campania and the Unitary Syndicate of Journalists of Campania intervened calling the decision “unacceptable”.

Luca Covino

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