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Saviano honored in Germany. Ms Merkel: example of courage

The author of Gomorrah received in Potsdam the M100 Media Award 2016. The chancellor has expressed respect for the Italian writer

Potsdam, September 16 – Chancellor Angela Merkel underlined the “courage” of Roberto Saviano and called the anti-mafia writer a “shining example” which deserves the thanks of Germany. Ms Merkel, speaking in Potsdam at the ceremony for awarding the M100 Media Prize 2016 that went this year to the author of “Gomorrah”, said that this award goes to the courage of journalists and writers: “You, Mr. Saviano, embody this courage as almost no one else. This makes you a shining example. That’s why we pay our gratitude and respect.”

In outlining her vision for the European Union, Ms Merkel spoke of a Europe “that, united, can take charge of security, and protect its citizens from the dangers of foreign policy and security, organized crime, the threat of international terrorism, from the dramatic effects that can arise for a single courageous person like Roberto Saviano in the exercise of freedom of opinion and of the press.”

“Mr. Saviano, that courage of an individual to express and disseminate their thoughts endangering their own lives receives such antagonism, shows that this courage can really bring changes about. I heartfully hope that your courage one day may be rewarded with the fact that the painful situations that you describe in your works will change for the better.”



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