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Sport. Salernitana football club denies accreditation to two reporters. Then backtracks

They are Marcello Festa (TV Oggi Salerno) and Eugenio Marotta (Il Mattino). Situation was resolved after a meeting between ODG Campania, regional USSI and club President

On September 23, the US Salernitana 1919 denied press accreditation for the journalists Marcello Festa, chief editor of TV Oggi Salerno and Eugenio Marotta of Il Mattino.

The day before the match Salernitana-Trapani, the journalists – who with their articles are often critical of the team and the club – had applied for accreditation, but the press office declined the request, specifying that it was a measure “ad personam”. Accreditation, therefore, could have been granted to any other journalist of TV Oggi Salerno and Il Mattino, but not for Festa and Marotta.

The incident was met by the interventions of the Regional Order of Journalists, the Union of Journalists of Campania and the sports press Union, jointly expressing “strong condemnation for the initiative undertaken by the garnet-coloured club that seriously violates the most basic norms of law / duty to report, as well as the personal and professional integrity of the two colleagues affected by the measure “ad personam” that sets an unacceptable precedent “(read). In protest and solidarity with the colleagues to whom the accreditation was denied, the printed press journalists have deserted the press room for that game.


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