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Cosenza. Mayor criticized points finger against reporter on facebook

He writes that Francesca Canino (Quotidiano del Sud) would have been “hired by his political opponents” and against her a barrage is unleashed on Facebook

Journalist Francesca Canino of the Quotidiano del Sud has been accused publicly on November 3, 2016 by the Mayor of Cosenza of writing critical articles against him under orders of his political opponents. He also called on Facebook to be notified of any intervention by the journalist. Within hours, many users have targeted the journalist with disparaging and offensive comments. “If you’re always writing, when do you take care of your house?”, asks one of the commentators.

The mayor Occhiuto reacted to an article by Francesco Canino on the pruning of trees in the city park. According to what the journalist writes, the mayor would have assigned the realization of the work to a company to do it for free, allowing it to sell the wood – obtained from the pruning – to a local company that specializes in biomass. (read)

“Press freedom is a right and should be respected by all – Canino tells Ossigeno – and it is the only way citizens can be informed about what’s really going on around them.”


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