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Favourable rents. High officer of the Capital’s city council files complaint against L’Espresso

Raffaele Marra has denied that he signed in 2009 contracts for 96 apartments with a contractor under investigation in the “Mafia Capitale” case

On 28 October 2016 the weekly L’Espresso, with an article by Emiliano Fittipaldi (read), has accused the high officer of the Capital’s City Council, Raffaele Marra, of having signed, in 2009, when he was an officer of confidence of the mayor Alemanno, rent contracts at favorable conditions with an entrepreneur now under investigation in the “Mafia Capitale” inquiry. Mr Marra has denied the fact and instructed his lawyers to file a lawsuit for libel against the weekly. This was reported by ANSA.

Raffaele Marra is considered a key figure of the Capitoline staff. Until a few weeks ago he was deputy head of Cabinet of the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi and then took the post of chief of staff of the City.

Fittipaldi talks about Marra as “a shadow that stretches over Virginia Raggi” who has stipulated rental contracts worth 2.6 million per year, equivalent to an average cost of 2,256 euros per month per apartment, for ninety-six apartments, of a residence that is outside of the great ring road around the city (Grande Raccordo Anulare). A beneficiary of the deal would be Fabrizio Amore, a businessman who is under investigation in the “Mafia Capitale” trial. The journalist reports that Marra has rented those apartments on behalf of the City of Rome with a direct negotiation with Mr Amore.


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