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Mafia Capitale. Journalism of inquiry is not defamation

So says the civil Judge of Rome who has rejected the request for damages by Massimo Carminati to Lirio Abbate and L’Espresso‘s chief editor

Massimo Carminati, the main accused in the criminal trial “Mafia Capitale”, being held in Rome, has sued for libel the journalist Lirio Abbate, author of the analysis” “The four kings of Rome”, published in December 2012 and the then chief editor Bruno Manfellotto. It was learned only on Friday, November 3, 2016, when L’Espresso announced, with satisfaction, that the judge of the Civil Court of Rome rejected the request and sentenced Massimo Carminati to bear the legal costs incurred by the weekly. The ruling states that “the article by the journalist Lirio Abbate is properly framed within the context of investigative journalism.”


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